ICE releases arrested workers

girl iceOver a hundred family members gathered early Tuesday morning in front of the office of Homeland Security ICE waiting for the release of the 34 workers arrested by ICE. Twenty have been released, according to Emma Lozano from Familia Latina Unida.

“These 34 workers have no criminal records, strong ties to the community including U.S. citizen children and should have been released and had their cases closed according to Obama’s pre-election policy,” said Lozano.

While some people are buying holiday gifts and preparing for more Christmas shopping, the families of those that have been arrested are trying to make ends meet by having to raise $2-10,000 for the bond. According to Lozano, homeland security made $65,000 off the backs of poor working immigrant families during the holidays.

“I am not a citizen and I went to work on the election of Barrack Obama because he made promises and I convinced Latino citizens to come out and vote so that we could have the opportunity to stay in this country with our families, and in appreciation for the differed action granted to our children, the dreamers,” said Silvia Guerrero whose husband and son were arrested in the raid of the Chicago Pallet.

“You would think I would be happy, but how can I be… both my uncles were victims in the raid.  They are facing deportation and now no job at Christmas and they have families, this is a nightmare,” said Carlos, who refused to give out his last name.

Familia Latina Unida issued a statement in relation to those that have been arrested: “We call on our community to join us in mass demonstrations on the January 21st, the day of the President’s inauguration and the day of the celebration of Martin Luther King’s Birthday. It would be a good day for the President to announce that he will not deport those he is committed to legalize. It would be a bad day to political excuses for broken promises.”

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