How to Stream This Valentine’s Day

Arrested Development

[dropcap]V[/dropcap]alentine’s Day, for many, is a stressful affair. The modern lover already has much to worry about, let alone the task of being romantic. Did you remember to get those reservations for that fancy restaurant? Are you sure that you ordered roses and not some carnivore exotic fauna? Are you 100 percent certain that the mariachi band you hired at the end of the night isn’t going to serenade you and your lover with their rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Shake it Off”?

Actually, that last one isn’t such a bad idea.

Here at EXTRA, we enjoy the simple things in life—simplicities like sitting down with your significant other and binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. So this Valentine’s Day, forget about stressing and break out the blankets, a bottle of wine and enjoy EXTRA’s Valentine streaming picks.

“Parks and Recreation”
Sure, “Parks and Rec” is one of the funniest, most well-written shows on television right now. But underneath the jokes about local government is the heartwarming story of Leslie Knope (Amy Pohler) meeting her soulmate in equally nerdy Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott). Though things don’t heat up until Season 3, their romance is one that can’t be missed.
Recommended Episode: Road Trip, Season 3

“Orange Is the New Black”
Even if it isn’t for Valentine’s Day, fans of great television should already be watching OITNB. The story of Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), a privileged twenty-something-year-old who finds herself in prison, starts plucking at heart strings when her relationship with her fiancé (Jason Biggs) is tested by a love triangle that forms inside the prison. But don’t think OITNB is all about love; the show’s portrayal of the rest of the ladies who live in the prison also provide some of the show’s funniest and dramatic moments.
Recommended Episode: You Also Have a Pizza, Season 1

“Arrested Development”
You may have never seen it. You may have seen it once or twice. Fans of the series have seen it countless times since its airing. But have you seen it with your valentine? Regarded by many as one of the funniest TV shows of all time, there isn’t much that can be said about “Arrested Development” that hasn’t been said already. But for those interested in the romance the series has to offer, Michael Bluth’s (Jason Bateman) Season 1 romance with his brother’s girlfriend tugs as much at the heart strings as it leads to laughs. And with a TV family that blunders as much as this one, there are plenty of laughs.
Recommended Episode: Marta Complex, Season 1

“American Horror Story”
A left field pick for those who may not want to focus on lubby-dubby stuff this Valentine’s Day. FX’s horror series is perfect for couples who want to dim the lights and not do any sleeping (presumably because they’ll be too freaked out). With each season working as its own standalone mini series, “American Horror Story” is perfect for couples that want to come together for a fright-filled marathon session of streaming.
Recommended Episode: Any episode will guarantee that you hold your partner close.

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