Holiday gift guide for everyone on your list

Did you put your holiday shopping on hold until the last moment? Extra has you covered with our holiday gift guide for everyone on your list that will make you look good and won’t put a dent on your wallet.
For the teen:
Texting gloves – Your teens can keep their fingers warm while they text and update their Facebook status. The gloves are available in many stylish colors.
Headphone earmuffs – You no longer have to expose your ears just to listen to music. These headphones come equipped with ear buds, an input jack and speakers. They’re warm, cozy and hip!
For the kids:
Art set – Who doesn’t love a collection of ready – to – use drawing and painting supplies? Just remember to give your toddlers the washable paint and non-permanent markers.
For mom and dad:
Weekend getaway – They’ve always been there for you! Why don’t you do something extra special this year by giving them a gift certificate to a weekend getaway? Have your siblings or relatives chip in so they can get more out of their trip.
For the picky person on your list:
Gift cards – Many people are hard to shop for. Cross them off your list with a gift card to their favorite store or online games.
For the film enthusiast:
Stop by your local movie theater and give your loved ones what they love best: a night at the movies. This also works well for new parents.
For the sentimental person:
Made-to-order mugs – Plain white mugs + porcelain pens = a gift someone will treasure for a long time. Just write a personal message and put it in the oven at 300 degrees for 25 – 30 minutes. Your loved ones will think of you when they’re drinking their morning coffee.
Happy holiday shopping everyone!

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