Graffiti vandals in Cicero charged


Felony charges have been filed against a suspect for serial graffiti and damage to property in a series of incidents that began just after Christmas, police officials announced.

Jorge Alejandre, 34, was charged with felony criminal damage to property after he was arrested twice, Dec. 29, 2013 and Jan 18, for spray painting obscenities and threats against police and government officials.

“Graffiti is a critical component of street gang crimes. It’s the first step in street gang violence and crime,” said Deputy Police Chief and former Gang Crimes Deputy Jerry Chlada.

Cicero Police urges residents to remain vigilant in spotting graffiti activity, especially in the back alleys and underpasses in their neighborhoods. Contact the Cicero Police Department at 708-652-2130. If someone notices graffiti already marked on a building or wall, they can call 708-878-3731.

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