Gloria Loring’s new inspirational book about coincidence in life

Gloria Loring’s new inspirational book

Gloria Loring Book CoverGloria Loring is a recording artist, a “Days of Our Lives” audience favorite as “Liz Chandler,” and an author of six books benefiting people with diabetes. Her newly released book, “Coincidence is God’s Way of Being Anonymous” is a celebrity autobiography detailing a series of extraordinary coincidences that transformed Gloria’s life.

EXTRA: What inspired you to write your book?

Gloria Loring: This is a book about coincidence and the role that it can play. I think that the evidence of stories and coincidences were so powerful that I reached out a point to writing it out. We get inspired by people and events around us. Everything has its time. It took me 12 years to write it. When I first wrote it, it was just about my story. It wasn’t the deep coincidence. I was fearful to put the book out with the word God in the title; it is not a religious book, it is something that works for everybody. Everybody can find something to relate to.

“Coincidence is God’s Way of Being Anonymous” is an interesting title. What is the meaning behind it?
It is a quote by Albert Einstein.  It was also told by to me by an interviewer after I have recounted how I raised one million dollars for a research to end my son’s diabetes.

Tell our readers a little bit about how the book reflects your life?

My parents were good people but they had their stuff going on. My dad’s mom died when she was five and he and his brothers drank to an access. There was an inappropriate sexual contact between my father and I. It took me a long time to heal and the way I came to understand it and heal it, it all had to deal with coincidence and the right people. I just knew that there was grief and rage. I did seek counseling along the way but it wasn’t until I was strong enough to say truly that I was able to take advantage of the healing opportunities. I think we come to these opportunities when we are ready. You do it when you are ready.

Why did you choose to have the chapters of your book begin with a song?

As I was writing down the stories initially, I was doing a lot of song writing. Each chapter has its own song. The song lyric is in the book. Whenever I talk about it my heart feels so open. When I sing I feel my value is put to use and when I am writing something from my heart.

What divine interventions have you had in your life?

Evidence based living. When we start to see certain things happen for a reason in our lives. I didn’t believe in God. I knew there was a great power. I believed that existed in the world. I didn’t have a belief system how to approach it and understand it. Coincidence and intuition provided a way for me to see the connecting principles in our lives. It gave me a faith system and understanding. I believe there is conspiracy and I am part of that conspiracy that is working to benefit me to take me to the next thing I want.
What do you love the most about Latino culture?

I love the way Latino families love each other, enjoy each other. It is such a beautiful heritage and culture. Everybody is close and committed to each other. n

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