for the Hispanic community

On Dec. 11, the Museum of Mexican Art in Pilsen hosted a panel to introduce Illinois’ official website for health insurance,, and to discuss strategies on reaching out to the Hispanic community.

“The website in Spanish will help residents who are part of the Latino community to become better informed about their new available health care coverage options as a result of the federal Affordable Care Act,” said Executive Director Jennifer Koehler.

While the cost of the bronze, silver or gold health care plan vary depending on age, income level, location and number of family members, the benefits obtained from the plans include medical expenses such as prescribed medications, hospitalization, maternity care, lab exams and visits to the emergency room. Many Illinois residents are expected to receive financial assistance or otherwise qualify for tax credits or discounts. The website was designed to display medical insurance plans offered by eight private insurance companies and to redirect and provide information for those who are eligible for Medicaid or Medicare. Residents who have been denied or are unsatisfied with their current health insurance, as well as small business owners who do not offer health insurance to their employees, are also encouraged to explore their options through the site.

There are over 200 community organizations across the state offering personal assistance with navigators or state-certified advisors. Applicants who wish to find a local participating community center must go to to find their local listing.

Residents of Illinois will have until Dec. 23 to sign up for medical insurance. Those who are without insurance after March 31 will have to pay a fine when filing for their 2014 state and federal taxes. For more information, please visit or call 866-311-1119.

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