Fed Up Parents Shed Light In Failing Public Schools


On the eve of the Chicago Public Schools Board of Education meeting, parents and community members from across the city gathered outside CPS headquarters to shed light on the severe lack of quality public schools in many of Chicago’s communities of color, including Austin, Lawndale, Englewood, Humboldt Park and Roseland.

The protestors demanded that CPS increases the number of high-performing magnet, charter, turnaround and selective enrollment public schools. The attendees shined flashlights on pictures of children they care about to represent the 123,000 children who are stuck in underperforming schools and whose futures are at stake.

“Everyone is claiming to talk for our children – but 1 in 3 students are in perpetually failing schools. This is unacceptable,” said Claudia Herrera, Pilsen resident and parent of four. “I demand the school board open up more campuses of high-quality public charter schools in my community. We need quality public schools for everyone, not just the smart kids and the rich kids.”

The action was part of an ongoing campaign – The 123 Campaign – that aims to draw attention to those 123,000 students in failing schools, and calls for the expansion of public schools delivering tangible results, including quality public charter schools.



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