“Fastest Punch” Guinness Record holder is also a mathematician and author

KeithLiddle_Guniess_webKeith Liddell, 27, grew up on the West and South sides of Chicago. At 16 years old, he got into boxing as a way to fight off gang members as he was growing up in the rougher areas of Chicago. Liddell was noticed for his immense speed and he developed a desire to develop the fastest punch in the world. He is currently in the Guinness Book of World Records holding the record for the “Fastest Punch.”

On his journey of developing the world’s fastest punch, a press release was sent to the Guinness Book of World Records telling them about Liddell’s attempted feat.  On Oct. 6, 2012, the organization came out to the Tac Dojo on 73rd and Stony Island to measure his punch. On that day, Liddell was recorded to have the world’s longest punch at 10 feet 10 inches, the most speed bag punches at 581 in one minute, and the fastest punch in the world at 44 miles per hour.

Liddell developed his speed from doing a lot of pushups. He included a modified pushup to his routine called “The Spiderman,” which is done by having one’s arms stay stationary, but one’s elbows and body move side-to-side. Since the strength of punches comes from the body, this pushup strengthens not only the arms, but the core and legs as well, which helped Liddell build his hand speed.

Setting this record has opened a lot of doors for Liddell. He was offered a spot on CBS’s “Survivor,” along with his brother, who is also a martial artist. The show’s producers wanted the brothers to physically fight on the show. While Liddell was in support of this, his brother passed on the offer. Liddell is still hopeful that he will be on a future season.

His fighting style and hand speed reflects the entertaining fighters of our day like Roy Jones Jr., Prince Nassem Hamed, or even Floyd Mayweather Jr. Liddell loves to entertain the crowd and he hopes to break into acting by being a stuntman. He is also in the works of appearing on Stan Lee’s show, “Superhuman.” He is not turned off by the idea of fighting professionally, but Keith feels that his heart is more into the entertainment side.

Along with being a boxer and a record-setting puncher, Liddell is also a mathematician. He wrote a book called “The Tangibility of Nothingness,” which is about a mathematical formula that is used to calculate the meaning of life. This formula, which is Enigma = Potential X Energy, can be used to describe existence and ambition. Liddell speaks about the third number of the enigmatic summation of the value of zero. He developed a knack for math and science at an early age from a teacher who told him that it was important to learn these subjects. From there, he did his own research to learn the intricacies of math and science.

From having one of the fastest punches in the world to using math to discover the meaning of existence, Liddell is a true renaissance man. He plans to break his own record this year by attempting to reach 50 miles per hour for the speed bag punch.

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