Fall beauty tips

doveAs summer is on its way to end, fall is about to begin. This may cause some trauma and stress not just on your body but hair as well. According to beauty expert Mario Anton, it’s always a good idea to place a hair treatment on your locks before taking a dip in the water. It helps coat your hair, thus avoiding extra chlorine or salt penetration. He recommends using Dove® Pure Care Dry Oil treatment to prevent extra damage to your strands. This amazing product keeps your hair healthy, shiny, easy to brush and smells amazing!

Your skin can also be at risk of drying out with excessive sun exposure and now a change of weather. Use Caress® Fresh Collection to cleanse your skin with floral notes that linger and delight the senses. Also, make sure you hydrate your skin every evening by layering lotion on before going to bed. It leaves your skin smooth, elegant, clean and with a luminous glow that is sure to make everyone “wow.”

Don’t forget about your face! Unclog your facial pores from all the sand and sweat by exfoliating nightly. Try using POND’s Luminous Clean Daily Exfoliating Cleanser which deeply cleanses and exfoliates dull skin using microbeads and renews its radiance. It makes you feel fresh, rejuvenated and with an amazingly soft, radiant skin!

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