“Faith in Action: Peace in Pilsen”

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]very year in the Pilsen neighborhood, The Resurrection Project (TRP) organizes its annual Resurrection Basketball League (RBL). The theme for this year’s RBL is “Faith in Action: Peace in Pilsen.” This program aims to do outreach to young people (13-18 years old) in the Pilsen neighborhood. RBL takes place on the blocks where violence is prevalent and during peak times when violence might occur.

During the summer months, it will provide a safe haven where youth can come together and have fun playing basketball. It will also provide attendees an opportunity to get involved in the struggle for peace in their community. Recently, the Pilsen Portal published a report on violence in the Pilsen community and RBL is just one safety initiative TRP is working on to address community violence.

“Pilsen’s annual RBL is an opportunity to create peace on streets long troubled by violence,” said Henry Cervantes, safety organizer for TRP. “It is an intentional opportunity to bridge our multi-generational community by bringing together youth and adults to promote peace in Pilsen.”

RBL was originally designed to engage youth through sport on the block in the struggle for peace and to address street violence. It is partnering with various parishes and parks in Pilsen to coordinate the events and ensure a safe and peaceful summer program.

RBL will take place on Friday evenings during the summer throughout the Pilsen community. RBL will kick off on July 11 and culminate on August 29.

July 11 | Coulter Street: Between Damen and Hoyne
July 18 | Guadalupe Park: Basketball court
July 25 | Cullerton Street: Between Ashland and Paulina
August 1 | 21 Street: Between Leavitt and Oakley
August 8 | Throop Park: Basketball court
August 15 | 18th place: Between Paulina and Wood
August 22 | Harrison Park: Basketball court
August 29th | Paulina Street: El Zócalo between 18 place and 18 street

“In Pilsen, we will take that faith and action by promoting peace in Pilsen down to the street level,” said Cervantes.

For more information about the RBL program, contact Henry Cervantes at 312-880-1151 or email at hcervantes@resurrectionproject.org.

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