Enjambre’s Ode to Alternative Classic Rock in Proaño

Enjambre visits Chicago on Friday, Feb. 6 to perform at Double Door located at 1551 N. Damen Ave

[dropcap]C[/dropcap]ritically-acclaimed rock band Enjambre is set to tour the U.S. with their new album, the fifth in the band’s career, “Proaño,” titled for a mine in their hometown of Fresnillo, Zacatecas. Migrating to California when they were young, they returned to Mexico years later to continue exploring their love of classic rock in a city that propagates the success of rock en español.

enjambre_webPosterRock band Enjambre is touring the U.S. in promotion of their most ambitious recording to date, “Proaño,” a 14-track album that explores the nostalgic sounds of classic rock. Produced by Phil Vinall (Radiohead, Zoé, Placebo) and recorded at Sonic Ranch in Texas, the album has already achieved gold record status in Mexico. Enjambre arrives in Chicago to perform at Double Door on Friday, Feb. 6.

EXTRA spoke with Luis Humberto Navejas about the album and their upcoming visit to Chicago. Navejas’ two brothers, bass player Rafael and keyboardist/guitarist Julian, form part of the rock quintet which also includes drummer Angel Sanchez and guitarist Javier Mejia. The Fresnillo, Zacatecas natives, who migrated to California where the band was formed, have found success on both sides of the border with their evocative tribute to the classic sounds of rock and roll.

“We were recording this new album and it just sounded too clean and too nice,” says Navejas when asked about the difference in “Proaño” from previous recordings. “We decided we wanted to go back to the dirt, to the gritty sounds of aggressive rock without necessarily getting louder, so in terms of chord progressions and arrangements it was definitely influenced by classic rock and that vintage feel. We didn’t use any new gadgets because we wanted to get those sounds from the 60s and 70s. We wanted this to be natural and as old style as possible.”

It’s an interesting turn as the band seems to create a new personality for each album. Their 2005 debut full-length album, ”Consuelo en Domingo,” was heavy and guitar-driven in contrast to the more melodic and somewhat eclectic rock version of “El Segundo Es Felino,” released in 2008. By the time they went into the studio in 2010 to record “Daltónico,” they were already experiencing the success of their music exploding in the U.S. and across Mexico. Their more synthesized, romantic and futuristic rock sounds can be attributed to the experience of performing for arena-sized audiences and touring the festival circuit. The 2012 release of “Huéspedes Del Orbe” brings them back to their love of classic 70s rock while displaying a deeper, more emotional style of writing alluding to love and the beauty of life and death.

Evoking romance, love and a deeper meaning to life’s existence in their lyrics has created a loyal fan base of all ages. “I guess I just refuse to see life as simply ordinary or common. I really like to explore the angles of seeing the beauty and the sublime in everything. I want to portray things in the way I see them which is to see and seek the divinity in the divine,” explains Navejas. “We also have to understand our role in this life and know that there are consequences for what you do. I’m doing music because I want to get somewhere and I’ll continue to do this, to express how I see and feel things around me until the day I die. That’s music to me.”

Enjambre visits Chicago on Friday, Feb. 6 to perform at Double Door located at 1551 N. Damen Ave. They will be showcasing songs off the new album as well as a mix of previous recordings and will be joined by local rock band You Are Here along with DJ Communicator and The Ponderers.

Friday, Feb. 6
Enjambre + You Are Here
Double Door
1551 N. Damen Ave.
9 p.m., 21+

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