El Capitán Camacho’s Greatest Anecdotes

Captain Camacho every Sunday at 7 p.m. on the MundoFOX channel. Photo courtesy of MundoFox.

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n MundoFOX, there is a story that stands out for its uniqueness, “El Capitán Camacho.” This original production is based on the true story of Carlos Camacho Espíritu, a young visionary who becomes an entrepreneur, pilot, broadcaster and film producer, all in search of the American Dream.

Juan Camilo Ferrand, writer of such hits as “El Cartel de los Sapos” and “Las Muñecas de la Mafia” was commissioned to create the script for this impressive story filled with passion, romance, adventure and triumph.

“We have in front of us a character whose life is worth telling. He is a heroic character that was missing in the TV arena that is full of malevolent characters. He started from the bottom, very poor. What attracted us was how he became involved as a producer of several films in Mexico, as the owner of a radio station in Los Angeles, and how he came to build the biggest resort of Puebla, Africam Safari.

The series has several conflicts. “He has to suffer so much. His personal conflict is the search for justice and living in poverty,” said Ferrand.

“It’s a good natured story. It is a big example of how things are possible, how you can have a lot, both spiritually and financially. It is a story that can be seen with the family.”

The year 1925 gives way to this extraordinary story. Jose Maria Tavira plays the young Camacho Espíritu, originally from Acatzingo, Puebla, a humble boy who witnesses the injustice and poverty of his era. During the first part of the series, the talented actor Humberto Zurita plays the boy’s father, a man who embodies his name, of great spirit. (Espíritu)

“It’s a journey. He travels to the United States, other parts of Mexico, and eventually returns to his native country. We see how he confronts the difficulties of an immigrant and how he faces his greatest enemy,” said Ferrand.

Later on, Zurita takes on the role of Camacho Espíritu in his adult life. It is during this stage that Camacho Espíritu evolves into a man with great determination, vision and strength and becomes El Capitán Camacho, a true model.

Zurita said that playing two roles is a challenge as an actor. However, he is very satisfied with the result.

“Sometimes I have to be evil or characters that are not as aspiring. When you find someone like this, you feel pleased because it is the image you want to leave behind,” said Zurita.

“He is a historical man who deserves this recognition and is very interesting to play,” he shared. “He’s a working man, a visionary. As a boy, he dreams of going to the U.S. He brings a boat of dreams and hopes. He also becomes a Captain in the Army. What this man did is something very special. He fulfilled his dreams thanks to his generosity and tenacity.”

Zurita concluded with a phrase that is said surrounding Capitán Camacho that perfectly summed up his legacy. “It would take many lifetimes to achieve the dreams of the Captain. One lifetime would not be enough.”

In this moving series, we witness the evolution of a young immature but big-hearted man to a man of great wealth, physical and spiritual. We get to meet the historical man who returned to his homeland to help his countrymen by providing jobs.

His legacy includes eight children, his wife and what is considered today to be a major tourist site, Africam Safari, a zoo where the animals live freely.
With this production, Ferrand invites people to “give themselves the opportunity to smile and feel inspired to begin Monday on the right foot.”

You can see Captain Camacho every Sunday at 7 p.m. on the MundoFOX channel. In addition, you can find a compilation of previous episodes by visiting www.mundofox.com.

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