Draco Rosa takes over with “Vida”

Multiple-time Grammy winning artist Draco Rosa opens up about his battle with cancer and his newly released album “Vida,”which became number one on the Latin BillboardCharts.

EXTRA: Draco, tell me a bit about “Vida.” Why “Vida”? What is “Vida?

Draco  Rosa: The idea of doing this record was I was ill, I had cancer, and I was in the middle of these treatments, I went alterna- tive and then traditional. The idea was to do this  album  because  I  have  close  ties  from previous projects like Juan Luis Guerra, of course my friendships with several different artists over the years. I had conversations with Ricky Martin and got in touch with Marc Anthony. Some songs are linked to my past. Since I had famous artists [on the album] it was  nice  to  invite  someone  that  wasn’t  so famous  and  that  is  when  Mima  came  into the picture. [It was] one of those things that happened naturally and when it was mixed I went for a stem cell transplant.

As I was listening to your songs, each song had a different feel and meaning. Which one is your favorite and you feel closest to?

I loved working on the album for many rea- sons;  obviously,  because  of  the  artists  that are involved and the chance to revisit some of the tracks. I was able to use some of the pre- vious recordings – “Esto es Vida” with Juan Luis, “El Tiempo Val”, a serious piece with Ru- ben Blades. In the original recording of that song – I sang it a certain way. Having a chance to work with Ruben Blades really pushed me to find myself even more as a singer. I found myself inspired, forced to do a better job. If I sing my last breath how would I sing it? My parts in “El Tiempo Va” were hanging on to a better life. But there are fun pieces that are very personal.

I liked “Mas y Mas”. How has it been work- ing with Ricky Martin?

We had a great run in Menudo and for us to get back together again and do everything from “La Vida Loca” y “Vuelve” album and be part of history. We had a quiet period of nine years. Getting back together was fun. It was really nice hooking up and I thought it was agreat idea to do the first single with Ricky. It’s the duet that a lot of folks wanted to hear. I thought it was an awesome choice.

You  had  cancer  and  it’s  been  a  battle  for you.  You  are  healthy  now  and  ready  to move to the next chapter of your life. How hard has it been for you?

You  don’t  say  why  me,  but  why  now.  I wanted to avoid chemotherapy and anything from the allopathic, traditional. I wanted to go alternative. I dropped everything in my life. I did the best I could. When it comes to nutri- tion and food there is scientific evidence and there is proof that certain things you eat do certain things to your body. When you real- ize that and pay attention to that, there are certain foods that heal you. Obviously, I am here because of a combination of both – the alternative and the traditional. I think that’s what pulled me through.

What changes are you ready to make now that you are here?

The changes are to embrace life at its full- est,  to  enjoy  it,  to  pursue  passions  and  cel- ebrate love. I mean that’s kind of it. It’s the celebration of love.

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