Diana Elisa Negrete at The 2nd Annual Mariachi and Tequila Festival

Diana_1_webThe 2nd Annual Mariachi and Tequila Festival will take place in Chicago on Nov. 16 at the Auditorium Theater of Roosevelt University. Diana Elisa Negrete, granddaughter of the famous Mexican icon “El Charro Cantor” Jorge Negrete,  will be one of the featured artists.

EXTRA: What does it mean for you to participate in the Mariachi and Tequila Festival 2013?
Diana Elisa Negrete: This festival has been a wonderful idea of the organizers and the Caballero brothers, to whom I admire because of their work, and myhabanero.com because it has given us the opportunity of reaching Chicago’s beautiful public and the great Hispanic community, and together being able to enjoy the great traditions that unite us, such as mariachi music, tequila and food.

How have you been inspired by your grandfather?
My grandfather has been a great example for my brother Rafael and I. He was a disciplined, straight, honest man, a great artist and performer of our music, a very loving father, and overall, a great human being.He was generous with all his fellow artists, always looking after their rights as members of ANDA (National Association of Actors). He is always present in my life and in the affection of all people who love and admire him.

What does it mean for you to sing with your brother?
For me it is a great pride to share the stage with my brother, because in addition to the great love I feel for him, I also admire him a lot as an artist and singer. It is a pleasure and a gift of life to be able to work with my brother.

How do you see today’s mariachi music?
Our mariachi music is having more presence in our country and in many parts of the world, such as Japan, Austria, Spain, Peru, Colombia and many more. Mariachi music, as well as other types of music, has made an evolution in history.

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