Descarga con Telemundo y mun2

Descarga[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he much-awaited hit summer concert series, Descarga con Telemundo y mun2, is back and ready to entertain audiences in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and, for the first time, in Chicago. Presented by Telemundo and mun2, the free, family-friendly concert event features renowned Latin stars, as well as the most in-demand new and up-and-coming artists. The concerts broke attendance records last year drawing close to 28,000 fans.

In addition to musical entertainment, Descarga con Telemundo y mun2 will also treat fans to an array of raffles, prizes, gifts, exciting activities and special appearances by Telemundo and mun2 personalities. Portions of the concerts are broadcast through mun2’s hit one-hour regional Mexican music series “Reventon” on Sundays at 3 p.m.

Confirmed artists in Chicago include 3 Ball MTY, Graciela Beltran and El Conjunto Nueva Ola.

Descarga-ECNO-PR-photoEl Conjunto Nueva Ola is a six-man group from Mexico City. The band consists of leader and vocalist Urbano López, Luzio Nava on guitar, Primitivo Ríos on bass, Hipólito Madero on percussion, Tacho Vasquez on timbales, and El Raio Manzares on keyboard.

Lead singer Lopez described the band as an original cover band. The group took on making unique covers of songs such as “My Sherona” (“Chicharrona”),“FunkyTown”(“Cumbia town”), and ‘Take on Me” on their first album, “Chido, Chido,” which came out in 2012.

Originally, the process of creating new songs from old began when Lopez was learning to speak English. “A lot of times I didn’t know what the lyrics meant,” he said.

Not knowing the English words led Lopez to invent his own, so he could still sing along, he said. This was the case even when he was a child in Mexico, hearing “Funky Town” for the first time.

El Conjunto Nueva Ola puts a spin on not only traditional songs but the traditional genre of cumbia music as well. Lopez said that cumbia style music adapts to the different flavors and folklore in different regions, and the style band members heard growing up in Mexico City influenced their sound a little, but they add more prominent percussion.

“It kinda sounds a little bit like techno cumbia. I’d categorize it as a mix of sexy, hippy-hoppy music. Something like that,” Lopez said.

Another part of the El Conjunto Nueva Ola experience comes in the form of costume. They are known to perform donned in Lucha Libre masks to veil their identities.

“When actors put on masks, they interpret the character and get into this whole new persona. That is what happens to us,” Lopez said. “The most important thing is that when we did that, we realized that we are extroverted and the people become very loose. They see you as a character.”

Lopez said that people can expect to get lost in the music and performance at a show. “You can have the shittiest week. Your car broke down. Your wife left you. You got fired. You can come to the show and you will forget about all of that for two hours,” he said.

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