Deadline approaching for ACA documents

ACA_Web[dropcap]G[/dropcap]et Covered Illinois is informing the community and those residents who may have enrolled for health insurance through the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace that if enrollees received a notification requesting documentation to clear a citizenship or immigration data matching issue (also called inconsistencies), they must act now and submit their supporting documents by Sept. 5 or their Marketplace coverage will end on Sept. 30.

“The issue in the state of Illinois is that across the country there have been applications that had missing and inconsistent information between the application and federal information, such as social security that doesn’t match up or personal documentation. This has been impacting 10,000 applications in Illinois. If they believe it’s an error, they can appeal it. All information is included in Spanish and English,” said José M. Muñoz, chief marketing officer of Get Covered Illinois.

According to the Get Covered Illinois (GCI) Annual Report, which demonstrates the progress that Illinois has made in implementing the Affordable Care Act in Illinois, Illinois has enrolled over 600,000 residents in health care, which is twice the number enrolled compared to its neighboring states with federally-facilitated marketplaces (Wisconsin, Missouri, Indiana and Iowa).

“Anyone that qualifies can enroll during open enrollment Nov. 15 to Feb. 15. For anybody that qualifies for Medicaid, there is no deadline,” said Muñoz. “Navigators are here to help. Don’t ignore the letter and respond before Sept. 5.”

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