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girl-graduate_webChicago Public Schools (CPS) announced today that it is partnering with leaders in higher education to form the Chicago Higher Education Compact, a collaboration dedicated to developing solutions to increase college enrollment, persistence and completion for CPS graduates, with the goal of increasing the college graduation rate for CPS students to 60 percent by 2025.

A report by the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research (CCSR) reveals that an estimated 14 percent of ninth-graders in CPS will earn a four-year college degree within 10 years of starting high school, up from just 8 percent in 2006. Despite the fact that more CPS students are graduating from high school than ever before, the report also calls attention to the fact that many students remain unprepared for college, and that students experience barriers to college completion once enrolled. The Compact seeks to address barriers and enhance preparation.

“Chicago’s students are improving faster than students across the nation, with college enrollment rates up, completion rates up, and scholarship dollars exceeding $800 million last year,” said CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett. “While we recognize this progress, we know our work isn’t done until all students are prepared to enter the 21st century workforce. Under this new partnership, leaders in higher education are joining together to increase the number of students who graduate and enter the workforce prepared and educated.”

Chicago Public School District has solicited the top colleges and universities attended by CPS graduates to join the Compact. So far, the district has received commitments from the following colleges and universities, in addition to partners at the CCSR, the Illinois Board of Higher Education, Chicago Collaborative for Undergraduate Success, the Higher Learning Commission – North Central Association and Thrive Chicago, which will serve the Compact in an advisory capacity.

To find out more information about this partnership, visit cps.edu .

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