Cicero Town collector candidate assaulted while campaigning

Sharon Starzyk

A press conference was held on Sunday, Jan. 20, to denounce anti-democratic intimidation and violence in Cicero at the home of the victim at 6036 W. Pershing Rd., Cicero. Cicero Town Collector Candidate Sharon Starzyk was assaulted Friday night, Jan. 18, while she was campaigning.

“What happened to Sharon shouldn’t happen to anyone. To attack a woman when she is by herself? Sharon was not robbed, she was hit behind her head,” said Juan Ochoa, candidate for Cicero Town president. “I believe Mr. Dominick is nothing short of a coward who is out there trying to intimidate voters. Given his history and thuggery, I wouldn’t put it passed him,” said Ochoa.

“I was campaigning heading back to my car when someone walked right up to me and said ‘give me a cigarette’,” said Starzyk who was assaulted on the 16th and 18th block of 47th Str. She explained that she told the young man she didn’t have one. After that short conversation Starzyk didn’t know where the young man went and that’s when she felt getting hit behind her head with a foreign object. “I ran to the car, got in and took off,” Starzyk continued explaining her violent assault that night. Starzyk has filed a police report, even though she was hesitant to do so and is expected to fully recover from the injury.

“It wasn’t his hand he hit me with. He was prepared with something to hit me. I can not say it’s political and will not say anything against them,” said Starzyk. She believes that her attacker knew she was going to be campaigning and was waiting to attack. Starzyk described her attacker to be Hispanic, 5’7’’ and around 17-years-old.

“It was so quick, it was so odd. I felt the blood coming down. I was crying,” said Starzyk. She refused to go to the hospital after her assault. “The more you think about it… it seemed like it was too planned,” said Starzyk in regards to how she was attacked.

Starzyk is a previous municipal employee who sued the Town of Cicero in 2011, accusing Dominick of sexual harassment. During that case, she used an FBI recording device to tape Dominick, and testified against him in court. The Town awarded Starzyk 500,000 dollars in that case.

“This place has to be cleaned up,” said Ochoa. “Look we have a volunteer whose all four tires were slashed, my wife and 15-month-old [baby] are followed by a municipal vehicle who takes pictures of them, and a police car hangs out in my alley for hours. Whose job is it to harass me?” asked Ochoa.

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