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City-STICKER_2014[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here are just three weeks left in the Chicago city vehicle sticker sales season as the Office of the City Clerk marks the traditional midpoint of what will be the last annual June 1 to July 15 rush period.

With the process of transitioning more than 1.3 million vehicles from a 100-year-old seasonal sales system to a new year-round sales program still ongoing, Chicago City Clerk Susana A. Mendoza is reminding motorists of several important dates that are quickly approaching.

“Please be mindful of the upcoming July 15 deadline to purchase and display your new vehicle sticker,” Mendoza said.

The most convenient and fastest way to ensure you get your Chicago city vehicle sticker is to buy it online before June 30, according to Mendoza.

“If you have not yet bought your Chicago city vehicle sticker, the best thing you can do is buy online,” she said. “You will get your vehicle sticker before July 15 and you can do it from the comfort of your living room instead of waiting in line in the summer heat.”

Important pending deadlines:

• Chicago city vehicle sticker online sales are scheduled to end at 11:59 p.m. on Monday, June 30.
• Chicago city vehicle stickers expire on June 30. The traditional grace period will be in effect through July 15.
• Ticketing begins on July 16. The ticket for failing to purchase a Chicago city vehicle sticker is a minimum of $200. Violators must then come into compliance by buying a new vehicle sticker with a $60 late fee.
• For motorists with a new year-round sales renewal month of July or August, the last day to choose a prorated sticker (one- or
two-month in duration) is June 30. After June 30, those customers will be required to buy a 13- or 14-month Chicago city vehicle sticker.

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