Chasing Dreams: Singer Amanda Martinez debuts in U.S.

AmandaMartinez_JohnnyLopera[dropcap]“I[/dropcap]f you keep your dreams, with patience and persistence, many of them are going to come true,” says Canadian singer Amanda Martinez. She made her debut in the U.S. on May 21 in Chicago with her new album, “Mañana”, produced by Javier Limón, who highlights that she posseses one of the world’s greatest voices.

Martínez’s music, a fusion of Afro-Cuban rhythms, Mexican folklore and flamenco are the reflection of her persistence in chasing her dreams. The cultural diversity in her accompanying sounds is the work of her crew, Kevin Laliberte (guitar), Rosendo León Arocha (percussion), Alexander Brown(trumpet), Osvaldo Rodriguez (violin) and Drew Birston (bass).

The singer says her father is responsible for her love of music and perseverance in her 12 -year career. She says her three children and her husband are her sources of support and inspiration. However, the awakening of her career did not happen without first going through a momentous decision.

Martinez, born in Toronto, Canada, to a Mexican father and South African mother, studied in the field of business and then worked as an international business executive. She was always a woman who possessed great potential and many aspirations.

Despite her promising position, one day she encountered her turning point. “During a break from work for lunch, I had the opportunity to see a singer who appeared with her daughter. From that point on, I felt I needed to make a change, since childhood I had a dream to be a singer but my parents told me it was not a good way of life, not a practical career. But the time came and I had a crisis, I felt I was not doing what I should be doing. I decided to follow my heart and I left the bank. I started singing in a jazz club,” recalls the singer.

Soon, the singer embarked on her dream, she began working on her first album, and her father, who at first was concerned about her decision, became her supporter and inspiration.

“My first album (“Sola”) was special to me because when I decided to change my international business career, it was much easier to write my reasons through music. It was a tribute to my father, he did not understand why I wanted to leave my career, but he has also taken many risks … [referring to the journey of his father to travel by bike from Mexico to Canada – trip seen in the documentary “Cycle”], “ Martinez said with a laugh.

Martinez has become one of the most prominent artists of Latino descent in Canada. She has served as an announcer, presenter and ambassador for social causes. She has recorded three albums and the song “Sueños Posibles,” was part of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

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