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Asbestos-caused cancer blindsides family

Christian F. Hagn, Jr. from Chicago wishes he had known more about asbestos before he abruptly lost his 66-year-old father, Christian A. Hagn, Sr. (1938-2004), to mesothelioma. “My dad got exposed on the job. I hope I wasn’t exposed, too,”...

Exclusive interviews with International Latino Designers at Latino Fashion Week

Paulina Luna - Fashion Designer from Mexico Carlos de Moya - Fashion Designer from the Dominican Republic The Minc Sisters - Fashion Designers from Argentina

Saving City Tails Fundraising Event

Saving City Tails began as a way to generate very needed funding and awareness for spay and neuter programs like those offered by PAWS’ “Paws for Life. By using art, music, architecture and photography they create experiences that positively portray how...

Investing in Real Estate

  Buying a main residence may be the single best decision someone can make for their financial future. However, when you get into second homes, holiday houses, rental properties, commercial buildings, and raw land held for potential appreciation, you're playing...

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