Casa Central enrolls children ages 3-5

Casa Central has open enrollment classes for children from 3-5 years of age at the Community Service Center (CSC) and Casa Infantil. Children will learn how to solve problems, take turns, and share with other children or adults and more on their way to kindergarten.

For a limited time, Casa Central is offering 20 scholarships for children who qualify under the principles of Head Start, for the full day program, (7:00 am – 6:00 pm).

Children receive a combined full day program, all day protection, certified teachers, clean and organized centers, breakfast lunch and two snacks, rides, daily physical activities, assessment of social, emotional, hearing and vision. Limited transportation is offered, as well. Priority is given to homeless children, foster care and families who receive SSI.

For more information call eligibility team, 773-645-2316 or

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