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caifanes[dropcap]C[/dropcap]aifanes is a popular Spanish-rock band from the 80s, whose music fought against the social taboos of the time. Since their breakup in 1995, fans have been hoping for a reunion. In 2011, the fans’ wishes were finally granted—Caifanes reunited for the Vive Latino Festival and Coachella 2011. On July 18, Caifanes returns to Chicago to perform at the Rosemont Theatre. EXTRA interviewed Caifanes and asked about their stay in Chicago and their plans for the future.

EXTRA: How did you decide to reunite as Caifanes?

Caifanes: We decided to reunite because the group remained in the hearts of the people even when we had left the group. At first, our reunion was centered on playing at two festivals: Coachella and one in Mexico. Little by little, however, our popularity increased again and we decided to go further.

How do you think the group has changed in the last few years?

We have matured after an almost 15-year absence. We play better and we get along better than before.

Will you release a new album?

We have the desire to and we want to try. We won’t know until we try it.

Why did you choose Chicago as one of the cities to visit on your tour?

Chicago was always one of the best cities for Caifanes and Juageres. We have always had very good results in this city throughout the years. We have had concerts at various venues in Chicago too such as the House of Blues.

What can we expect from the concert?

We are going to do a little bit of everything. We will begin the concert as a quartet, which is what Caifanes originally was. We are also going to play different material from various albums.

What are your thoughts on rock’s influence in the Latino community?

Rock’s impact was not only seen in the United States, but in our land of origin as well. Rock is not so commercial. Nonetheless, there is a strong connection between rock and the people. For a long time, we only played in small clubs, but we have continued to grow. The connection we have with the Latino population and the rest of America has been so strong because the people can identify with our lyrics. It’s interesting because the impact continues generation after generation. There are many people who are very young who were not around to hear Caifanes the first time around and they know us because of their fathers and uncles.

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