Brazil Sailors Fume About Garbage on Course

A Brazilian sailor ripped the water conditions on the Olympic catamaran course, saying floating garbage cost his boat a shot at a medal.

Brazil’s Samuel Albrecht, who partnered with Isabel Swan, finished in eighth place in the Nacra 17 competition at Marina da Gloria. Albrecht said he bit his tongue when it happened Monday, but said the conditions in the race Tuesday were too much.

“(We had) problems five times (Tuesday) and yesterday it had already happened as well,” Albrecht told Agence France Presse.

“We didn’t want to talk much about the subject, but today it was really terrible, it was really dirty. We were in second place but we hit rubbish. I don’t know if it happened with others, but it happened to us today.”

Swan confirmed there was debris on the rudder of their craft, just one of the worries at a venue where bacteria in the sewage-laden waters sparked health concerns.

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