Bears: “Embarrassment” is an understatement

Last night’s 55-14 drubbing of the Bears by the Green Bay Packers allowed NBC announcer Cris Collinsworth and the NBC camera crew to really call out the Bears’ lousy performance. First, when asked about whether Chicago’s offense or defense should be blamed, Collinsworth just replied, “Yes.” Then, the camera panned to show Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers having a giddy time on the sidelines.

The first sign of disrespect from the Packers came during the first Packer drive, when the Bears stopped Eddie Lacy short of the end zone during a third and goal situation. The Packers, clearly counting on how lousy the Bears defense is, decided to punch through it anyway because there’s very little risk even if the Bears did make a goal line stand. And in Aaron Rodgers fashion, he nailed the one-yard pass to Brandon Bostick for an easy six.

The Bears’ defense continues to display its ineptitude by allowing three 20+ yard passes from Rodgers, including a 40-yard touchdown by Jordy Nelson. The Bears’ defense left Nelson wide open, twice. The defense must have just given up on covering Nelson, as Tim Jennings just blatantly wrapped him up because Nelson had burned him on that route.

After the game fans and teammates were left trying to figure out just what is going on with the Bears. The team better figure it out before going back to Soldier Field to face the Vikings to battle for last place in the NFC North.


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