Babasónicos tour in Chicago

babasonicos_web[dropcap]B[/dropcap]abasónicos, the renowned rock band, comes to Chicago to perform at the Concord Music Hall on July 10 with the intention of spreading their acclaimed album, “Romantisismico.” 

“We are excited to return to Chicago. We hope to rejoice people with the show, giving them a nice trip,” says drummer Diego “Panza” Castellano, who spoke to EXTRA about their career.    

“Romantisísmico” showcases strong vocals and sounds in unison with heartbreaking and sarcastic verses, defining the innovation  and personality that has distinguished the band since its inception in the 90s. 

“We are excited and surprised of the good remuneration it has had,” shares Castellano, who lives with a passion for music. “Music, for me, is like an energy that is not seen but is perceived. It gives me life, it shows me other realities, makes me escape from myself and I commune with the universe. It is a channel where you can realize things and enjoy and suffer. It is an expression and escape. “

The group, led by Adrian Dargelos, has stayed together for more than two decades, with no intention of stopping and continuing the mission of singing to the world about human existence and personal perspectives, forming an axis of mischief and more gentle elements. 

How were the band and its distinctive name born? 

In high school, in 1987, I decided to form a band. But we broke up and in 1991 we got back together with other members. It all began there. The name is a play on words that invents a new concept. It is folly to seek a psychedelic theme in our music. We watched some cartoons called The Jetsons, combining that with the name of a Hindu guru named Sai Baba, it materialized nice things. We found it hilarious and so the name came alive. 

How would you describe your sound? How has it evolved throughout all these years? 

We are farmers of sound-making and experiment with sounds. We use classical instruments and mix it with technology. We play with contrast and colors, kind of a combination of classic and modern. We make a kind of alchemy that will combine environments to achieve a magical atmosphere. It is a search that never ends. 

What has been the secret to keeping the group together? 

I think we are all making it work and making it a priority to work as a group. We respect each other’s space, we all know the tricks of the companion and it is about respecting, and our combination is achieved. We live moments of ecstasy. Performing live provokes a revolution in our beings that makes us feel joyous, rejoiced by the moment and we want that to last.  

What have been the ups and downs of your career? How did the group overcome them? 

One of the lowest moments is when Gabo (bassist Gabriel Manelli) died. The way to overcome it was to keep playing, keep doing our art and try to channel that energy into our music, standing together. Facing the loss of someone so important makes you value the things you have. 

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