Aylín Mujica at premiere of “Obscuro Total”


[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he talented and famous actress Aylin Mujica returns to Chicago with a first-class cast— Fernando Colunga, Blanca Soto and Ernesto Laguardia—to present the play ‘’Obscuro Total” on March 15 at the Olympic Theater.

The tragic comedy is an adaptation directed by Fernando Colunga and produced by Eduardo Prado, in which “the audience will not stop laughing,” according to Mujica. The play encompasses the topic of distrust, infidelity and communication in relationships.

“I’m the victim – a completely honest person and smart executive that is suddenly in doubt about the nine-year relationship she has with her ​​husband,” said the Cuban actress who plays Laura Esquivel, Julio’s wife, role played by Colunga.

“It’s a reflection of what we are experiencing today in society; the problem in the relationships of couples who have been together for many years. We do not yet understand that relationships and love change color, flavor. The first option is to end the relationship and that’s it. We don’t dedicate ourselves to work on it a little and give it our best effort. The entire audience will identify with each of the characters. It’s so real, “stated Mujica.

Mujica is also a host, dancer, model and mother of three children with whom she resides in Miami, Fla. She said she has a love for hosting shows, participates in comedies and hopes to soon engage in production.

She is currently promoting “Obscuro Total” in Puerto Rico and is causing sensation for her participation in the program “Top Chef Stars,” a culinary competition where the actress shows her talent in the kitchen.

“I feel very happy. I am a woman who does not like to stop, but sometimes I have to stop because I have to be a mother, a great responsibility that I have, and sometimes I like to rest,” said Mujica.

She has learned to properly manage her time between home and her career so that it doesn’t affect her children. “Mothers are capable of doing everything. What is left in the children’s subconscious and in their life is the quality time you give them and not the quantity. Spending time with them, when they go to sleep with you, telling them you love them—these are the things that remain with the children that are the most important. Today as a single parent, I have to be a mother and a father, but you can definitely be a mother and a professional,” said Mujica.

Excited for her upcoming visit to Chicago and the premiere of the play, she encourages the audience “to come out of the cold by coming to the theater. It’s like a roller coaster. You go to the theater and you go up on this roller coaster of emotions. You laugh all the time and then at the end, you do not know what to expect. You’re surprised. It’s somewhat new, which the world is not used to seeing with many surprises,” said the actress, who is thrilled to visit Chicago, a spectacular city, one of the most beautiful in the U.S.”.

“Obscuro Total” premieres on March 15 at the Olympic Theatre, 6134 W. Cermak Road, Cicero. For more information, call 312-391-8754 or visit www.ticketon.com.

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