Obama stumps for Quinn in Chicago Sunday

[dropcap]P[/dropcap]resident Barack Obama is expected to return to Chicago on Sunday. He’s spending the night in the city ahead of a $10,000-a-seat Democratic fundraising dinner in Lincoln Park to support incumbent Governor Pat Quinn.

Quinn faces a tight race against Republican challenger Bruce Rauner. The two candidates came out swinging at their second debate at the DuSable Museum of African American History on Tuesday.

“Worst run government, best run investment firm. It’s night and day difference,” Rauner said of the state’s $45 billion deficit and pension debt. He specifically referenced Quinn’s failed $55 million anti-violence grant program, which is under investigation by federal authorities due to reports of mismanagement and sloppy accounting practices. Quinn admitted the program was a failure but refused to apologize for trying to solve Chicago’s violence problem.

“My opponent has presided over 12 bankruptcies of his companies, six of his executives are now in jail, two under indictment, 150 lawsuits against his nursing home chain – I don’t call that growing success at all,” Quinn shot back.

During the portion of the debate where candidates were allowed to ask each other questions Quinn asked Rauner about a Sun-Times/NBC 5 story regarding a lawsuit where a former CEO of a Rauner-run company said he threatened her to keep her from filing a lawsuit against him.

“You fired a woman executive at your firm for not laying off enough workers [in 2001], and you threatened her. You said you would bury her. You said you would bankrupt her and her family. You said you would hurt her and her family,” said Quinn. “Why did you say that Mr. Rauner? It’s never right to threaten anyone.”

Rauner called the lawsuit frivolous and said the accusation was “baloney.” Records show the lawsuit was settled in 2008 after a judge threw out most of the counts for various legal defects.

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