The 9th day of a hunger strike against the proposed repeal of DACA & TPS

People in West Chicago are going into the 9th day of a hunger strike against the proposed repeal of DACA & TPS (Programs that protect immigrants who came to the united states as a youth and allows recipients of the programs to pursue education, work, and citizenship). Since the 4th day of the hunger strike, the hunger strikers have tried to arrange a meeting with Congressman Roskams and just recently they were able to arrange a meeting to discuss the implications of repealing DACA & TPS across our communities.

Padre Jose Landaverde said in a statement: “We will continue to put our lives on the line to protect our children’s future”. Despite the health issues affecting several hunger strikers (one of them was even hospitalized recently); the group reports being in good spirits and more committed than ever to fight for the future of our children, the future of our communities.

Javier Ruiz, a 21-year-old Chicago resident is planning on going to support the hunger strikers from his native Pilsen, “I think is important that all the Latino community comes together to protect these basic programs to protect our families and give an opportunity to our youth”, he said.

Pilsen Alliance, the Hispanic Literacy Council of Chicago, among other organizations are going to West Chicago to express their support and solidarity with the hunger strikers and demand that all our legislators in Illinois and governor Bruce Rauner demand in Washington, D.C. the continuation of these vital programs for the Latino community.

Byron Sigcho, President of the Hispanic Literacy Council, a coalition representing nine organizations working to increase literacy levels, citizenship programs, employment programs, and other services to help the immigrant community said on behalf of this coalition. “The attacks and persecution against our immigrant community from the White House are unprecedented, and we will not stay quiet in the face of so much hate and intolerance coming from our public officials, they should be advocating for our immigrant community, this is an immigrant nation and we will show our strength as a community” he said. The coalition also supports the efforts of the hunger strikers to travel to Washington D.C. to meet with all legislators supporting the repeal of DACA & TPS to hold them accountable for the consequences of such irresponsible decision.

WHAT: Press conference to support the hunger strike to protect DACA & TPS

WHEN: Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017 at 11 am

WHERE: 900 East Roosevelt Road. West Chicago, Illinois 60185