Family Bridges presents a new Spanglish theatre – The Secrets of Santa Monica: La Boda

If you are up for some Spanglish fun, you surely don’t want to miss the new production at the Chopin Theater – “The Secrets of Santa Monica: La Boda.”  The play runs Thursdays thru Sundays, until June 11, 2017 at the Chopin Theatre, 1543 W. Division St.

In addition to the production being both in English and Spanish, it is about 3 hours long and the audience is part of the wedding. You can also get married on stage if you want to!

Jenny and Columbo’s big day has finally arrived. But in Santa Monica de la Punta Gorda, nothing ever goes as planned. A series of comical accidents and miscommunications delay the ceremony and the wedding party retells stories of how this wedding almost never came to be. Get ready to be a part of the grand celebration…you may just get a chance to join the wedding party on stage!

The Secrets of Santa Monica is based on some of the stories from families in Santa Mónica de la Punta Gorda, the multi-cultural town of the popular radio novela ¡Qué Gente Mi Gente! This town is full of drama, including adventures, romance, and differences between families. The Secrets of Santa Monica: La Boda is a fun and entertaining production filled with music, romance, comedy and intrigue. It will captivate your attention!

All proceeds of this effort will be reinvested in programs and resources that help the community.