Ruido Fest Pilsen 2017

From Julieta Venegas to Silver Rose, Chulita Vinyl Cluband Bomba Estéreo Ruido Fest Sheds A Light On The Diverse Female-Fronted Talent Coming From Latin America

Ft. Mon Laferte, Javiera Mena, Sotomayor, Las Piñas, Ruido Rosaand more…
If you’re like us, you’re also sick of music festivals that throw you the same macho lineups year-after-year. Which is why we make sure to fill our lineup with some of the baddest chingonas making noise in Latin America who prove to us daily that the idea of music as a boys club is beyond over.
This summer, you’ll hear the rockabilly-infused boleros of Mon Laferte that has everyone from audiences at Vive Latino to the Recording Academy swooning. We’ll witness Javiera Mena‘s incredible dance floor pop manifest on our stage (which we hear includes light sabers), which has had Chile on its feet for upwards of a decade. We’ll get to experience the hypnotic-tropical dance grooves of Bomba Estereo that have even managed to get Will Smith dancing.
On the Ruido Fest stages, and billowing across the grounds, you’ll find the sounds of Chulita Vinyl Club, the self-described ‘all-women all-vinyl club for self-identifying women of color in the context of providing a space for empowerment and togetherness.’ With every record, the collective shuts down the notion that men are gatekeepers, and has also created a space where learning how to spin is welcomed, rather than intimidating.
You’ll surely want to turn the volume up when you stumble across Los Nastys, whose drummer, Luli, is nothing short of a badass who carries the beat to which you’ll be dancing to. You won’t get far without that sound of Pedrina, of the Colombian pop duo Pedrina y Rio, turning your head– her voice reaching registers you can’t imagine, eye-catching get-ups, and infectious melodies will stay stuck in your head for days following the fest. And, of course, there’s Buscabulla, the experimental pop band from Puerto Rico (via NYC) who were named one of Rolling Stone’s ‘artists you need to know’ this year. Their show is hypnotic, lead singer Raquel’s vocals are like lullabies you can dance to, and everything about their sound is powerful.
If you thought that there was such a thing as ‘girly’ music, you’ll be kicking yourself at the end of Ruido Fest. On the same stages you’ll have the fuzzy garage rock of Argentinas Las Piñas alongside the ethereal global bass beats of Sotomayor– an electronic sibling duo from Mexico. You’ll have the long-beloved melodies of Julieta Venegas paired with the dreamy shoegaze tunes of Silver Rose, whose other band, Ruido Rosa, will have you twisting incessantly to their infectious rock and roll.
Long story short- Ruido Fest is full of insanely talented musicians,
many of whom happen to be chingonas.

For the third year in a row, RUIDO FEST returns to Pilsen for Chicago’s 3-Day Latin-Alternative music festival, and this time with it’s most diverse lineup yet from July 7-9 in Chicago’s Adam’s/ Medill Park.  This year’s headlining acts include the legendary Norteño band Intocable, Puerto Rican reggae juggernaut Cultura Profética, Mexico City’s favorite Spanglish rock band Molotov, and 5-time Latin Grammy Award winners Los Amigos Invisibles.

RUIDO FEST is produced by Rock Sin Anestesia, Riot Fest, Star Events and Metronome.

Tickets for the 3-day Latin Alternative Music Fest are available starting at $129.98 for GA tickets

3-Day Passes General Admission (No re-entry): $99-$149

Single Day passes are $49.98-59.98

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This year’s headlining acts include the legendary Norteño band Intocable, Puerto Rican reggae juggernaut Cultura Profética, Mexico City’s favorite Spanglish rock band Molotov, and 5-time Latin Grammy Award winners Los Amigos Invisibles.

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