Please Tell Me I’m Adopted! – Exclusive Interviews

If there is anything that drives success better that is love and passion. Chris Sobchack and Nichole  Sobchack know this best as the “baby” of their drive and love is the new Amazon Prime comedy sitcom “Please Tell Me I’m Adopted.” Season 1 has been written by Nicole and executive produced by Chirs who has also been working on Elton John’s team for 17 years now as the drum and percussion technician. They funded the production through a successful Indiegogo campaign and handled all of the post production themselves. Series guest stars include TV icon Marion Ross.With a great team behind them they are excited to share their story with you! Listen to my interview with Chris and Nicole for Extra!

Nicole Part 1

Nicole Part 2

Chris Part 1

Chris Part 2

Chris Part 3

Chris Part 4

“Please Tell Me I’m Adopted!” follows the life of Tiffany Grant, who loses her boyfriend, job and house in a single day and is forced to move in with her newlywed sister, Emma, and Emma’s husband Bob. When Tiffany decides to regroup, she includes Emma and Bob into her crazy, often culturally current, escapades with outrageous and hilarious consequences. But no matter how hard Tiffany tries, she just can’t help getting lost on the way to finding herself – taking her family and all of us along for the comedic ride. Emma just wanting the best for Tiffany and Bob hoping for his guest bedroom and his sanity back!

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