How to Hypnotize Someone

Welcome to the first topic of SECRET BLASTER site,  in this article I’ll be showing you the basics of how to hypnotize someone. It is quite easy when he wants to with his consent he will let himself go and give you full control this condition is the most important thing you should know because the end of it doesn’t work you’ll know why. That being said let me give you a little truth about hypnosis, it is not mind control or some kind of magic.

You, as the one in control, you’ll just be a guide to make the person relax and fall into your hypnosis for example you can make him walk in his sleep or more precisely a state of mind so relaxed it might look like sleeping.

Now let’s talk a little about methods in which it’s up to you to improve yourself over time your hard work will make you someday know how to hypnotize someone without them knowing (by-pass their consent) or how to hypnotize people in the street and even how to hypnotize yourself why not.

Prepare that someone to be hypnotized:

First you’ll need to Find somebody who wants to be hypnotized. As I said earlier It is quite hard to hypnotize someone who doesn’t want to, or doesn’t think it will work, mostly if you are a beginner you must earn their trust of Find a willing partner a friend who wants and agrees to be hypnotized a friend that is patient and willing to help you.

As a matter of fact, I advise you not to try to hypnotize someone with disorders as the result could and will be disastrous.

Make sure the room or the place is quiet:

Your objective is calm so you may want your friend or the one you seek to hypnotize to feel safe and free from any distraction. The light should not be too dark or too bright and must be clean and in order. Give them a comfy seat, sofa anything comfy would do the trick, I advise you to give them something to lay down on as It gives better results. Finally make sure to remove anything that could interfere with their concentration with you like TV’s and other people, for example turn off music or radio close the windows if it’s noisy outside, it might help if you live somewhere with natural sounds (birds, dogs’, cat’s…etc.) these sounds are more relaxing than silence or at least that’s how I feel when I’m in my garden.

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