Bored with ho-hum cloud backups? Use Usenet (yes, Usenet!) instead

Stay with us, but we’ve got an idea so crazy it just might work(s). (credit: 20th Century Fox)

Cloud backups these days are all the rage—for good reason. Rather than dealing with shuffling physical media offsite, you can simply back up the data offsite, where it can be stored in one of many professionally monitored data centers.

Unfortunately, this kind of service isn’t free, and the cost can be a barrier. However, there is a cost-effective way to store your cloud backups: Usenet. With access to a Usenet news server, you can simply upload your backup there, and it will be stored redundantly in news servers all over the world. Best of all, this approach typically costs considerably less than a cloud backup service.

If you’re not an IT graybeard, you may not be familiar with Usenet. To put it within a frame of reference any Ars reader may recognize, Yahoo once described the Ars Technica forums as “the successor to Usenet and precursor of Reddit.” And while that’s not a 100 percent accurate, Usenet is kinda, sorta like an ancient Reddit. It’s a collection of forums, organized by subject, where anyone can anonymously discuss nearly any topic. Where Usenet differs from Reddit, however, is in many of the technical details.

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