Ximena Sariñana in the role of a reporter for Toyota Latino

Ximena Sariñana in the role of a reporter for Toyota Latino

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Photo by Mayra Buitron

Photo by Mayra Buitron

The songwriter and actress Ximena Sariñana visited the music festival Lollapallooza in Chicago in the role of a reporter, arising from collaboration with Toyota Latino which will soon send her to the Music and Arts Festival Outside Lands.

“We wanted an influential person, that makes sense for the brand, and Ximena with her voice and talent was just that. Inspired by road trips, which are luxuries in her busy schedule, she invites her fans to travel and explore beautiful cities,” shares Andy Nelson, director of social media and content production for Toyota Latino.

Since last year, Sariñana participates in the project “Music and destinations with Toyota” campaign that seeks to inspire people to discover new destinations and live different experiences, placing a strong focus on road trips.

“This is a continuation of the story. The focus of what we’re doing here, are to go on road trips and festivals,” said Nelson.

To highlight how much fun these trips can be, the singer and her team travel in a car, Toyota Pruis, and through social networks like Facebook and Twitter, share posts, photos and videos of their journey. The stellar stops are music festivals – Lollapalooza was in Chicago and their next destination is Outside Lands in San Francisco.

With a style she describes as very festive and natural, her hairstyle fastened with a turban and clothes she chose herself, Ximena, a woman with impeccable warmth, welcomes us in the hotel where she is staying and proceeds to tell us about this collaboration and her upcoming projects.

“When you’re on tour in the United States you spend so much time on the road. You grab a car and drive and drive. You travel around the country and look at very beautiful landscapes. I enjoy traveling by road. All my life I have been in a Toyota. I have a Toyota RAV4 in Mexico. My family had a Toyota for which we all fought for, to see who could drive it, and it went through the whole family. I drove it and so did my brother, my uncle. That’s something I really like, they last a lifetime. They hold up impressively. It makes sense [to participate in the campaign]. It is difficult to relate to a brand when you have nothing to do with it. When you have a story related to a brand, it’s cool, more natural,” shareed the singer on how the collaboration came about.

“We are covering Lollapalooza accompanied with Toyota Latino, what there is to see and do at the festival. Toyota is covering the festival through my experiences. It is amazing to see the bands, Francisca Valenzuela, Bomba Estereo, and support them as well. The truth is that I really wanted to see Spoon,” she shares of her experience as a reporter and fan at the festival, which she has participated in before, but as a singer.

“It’s fun to do that, and it’s more fun to come as a reporter. When you go play there is all the stress, and of course, when you get up on stage, it changes, but coming as an anchor you can see more projects,” she tells us.

“An additive of this campaign is to make the fans become more involved, such as by doing mentions [on social networks] that if you are in Chicago come meet us [at Lollapalooza]. There is a lot of communication. The cool thing about social networking is that there has been good response. The fans see a more personal side of you.”

The composer also had the opportunity to tell us about her latest album.

“I’m about to release my third album in Spanish, “No todo lo puedes dar,” which will be released later this year. The album is composed of very personal reflections I’ve had in recent years from my experiences,” she said.

Ximena Sariñana, one of the privileged female voices in the Mexican music scene dismisses the interview by telling us that music is what she likes doing the most and how much she misses her pit bull Lupita while away in trips. In addition, she shares some additional curiosities.

On her philosophy of life, she said: “I like to think I’m a person who likes to take risks. I say yes and then figure it out.” On what inspires her: “I am inspired by other forms of expression such as art, film, and food.” The magic moment of her days: “When I wake up late,” she concludes with a laugh.

For more on Ximena and her latest projects visit: http://www.ximenamusic.com.