Villapalooza 2013

Villapalooza 2013

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On Sept. 7, Chicago’s Little Village hosted the third annual Villapalooza music festival on Central Park Avenue between 25th and 26th streets. The music and art festival offered a refreshing display of creative talent from a Little Village perspective.

“There’s music for all types of generations from Cumbia to ska to hip-hop. It’s a very diverse generation, but I think it’s one that connects and relates with the idea of being Latino and looks for these experiences,” said event organizer Hector Herrera in an interview with Vocalo radio, referring to last year’s festival.

The same can be said for this year’s diverse musical lineup, which included socially conscious hip-hop artist Bocafloja and urban Latin artist Hector Guerra. With the presentation of local talent, such as Malafacha, Demo, Vivian Garcia and Sonorama, among others, the variety of music represented a broad range of audience age groups, and showcased the diversity among Little Village’s up and coming music artists.

The festival also featured a skate park designed by Little Village Prosper Skate Shop, local art and crafts vendors, a designated space for kids’ activities and even an open mic time slot scheduled on one of the three stages.

“What we want is for people in the neighborhood to get involved. Villapalooza can be a space for young people to develop their leadership and organizing talents and to network with other artists who are in communication with us,” said Herrera. “Ultimately, we want to create positive opportunities for the community through this festival.”

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