“The Lone Ranger” movie review

“The Lone Ranger” movie review

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If you are a fan of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series you will definitely love the new Johnny Depp movie, “The Lone Ranger,” which came out in theaters July 3. Filled with tons of cool effects, great makeup, crazy action and awesome acting, you will laugh and cry at the same time while the two inseparable characters, Tonto (Johnny Depp) and John Reed (Armie Hammer), work together to get rid of the vicious criminal Butch Cavendish. The story takes part in a Western setting giving it a bit of an oldschool flavor but with a subtle modern twist. The fight of good vs. evil, the human nature of greed, and everlasting love are inseparable themes in this Disney action movie. Get ready because you are up for a crazy ride in this colorful and multi-themed Western-Indian adventure.



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