Owner operator and small fleet owner opportunities

Owner operator and small fleet owner opportunities

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by JoAnn Marshall, CRST Malone

CRST Malone is a highly reputable and regarded trucking company. We have clients that need freight moved across the United States. In the Chicago area, we also have a number of clients that need freight moved just in the Midwest.

All of our freight is transported using a flatbed trailer instead of a van. We do not have our own trucks; instead we contract individuals who own their own trucks and work with them to keep their trucks busy and therefore profitable.

In our Lake Station, Ind. terminal, near Gary, Ind., we currently have about 20 contractors (individuals who own their own trucks) and we’d like to grow that number to 200.

There really is a misconception that a driver will be gone from his family for weeks at a time. This is not true. We have a no-force dispatch, so the owner operator will decide when he wants to be home.

Some contractors might not want to contact us because they are afraid of not being able to speak to someone that speaks Spanish. We are fortunate to have a Spanish-speaking dispatcher in our office that can help.

This is such a great opportunity. For more information, please contact JoAnn Marshall at jmarshall@crst.com or call 844-719-8694.

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