Little Village takes on Beyond the Ball challenge

Little Village takes on Beyond the Ball challenge

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While soccer fans around the world gathered to cheer on Mexico’s national soccer team June 6 when it played its first match of the 2014 World Cup, children in Little Village took to the streets to play the game themselves for the first time on a new, mobile pop-up pitch donated by Chevrolet and delivered to Beyond the Ball.

Beyond the Ball is a Chicago-based foundation that began through a desire to provide local children with the opportunity to get off the gang-ridden streets and into a safe space. Founder Rob Castañeda’s investment began when he experienced first-hand the dangers of his neighborhood. He began coaching the local basketball team, even putting in extra hours to make the team more successful.

“We wanted to partner with Beyond the Ball to give kids the opportunity to play on the field and just be kids,” said General Motors’ regional communications Representative Fred Ligouri.

The mobile pitch, donated to Beyond the Ball for use in Little Village, is the first in the United States by Chevrolet, and the second pitch-improvement project globally as part of the brand’s “What Do You #PlayFor?” campaign, aimed to inspire and bring soccer fans closer to the sport than ever and spread play around the world to those who need it most.

“This is a truly global effort by Chevrolet and will help not only inspire communities but also children around the world,” said Ligouri.

In conjunction with their global perspective, Manchester United’s legendary Gary Bailey attended the event to provide the children with goalkeeping tips as a part of the soccer skills clinic, also hosted through the event.

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