Kellogg’s Survey Reveals that Hispanics are Hardcore Sports Fans

Kellogg’s Survey Reveals that Hispanics are Hardcore Sports Fans

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Measuring Baseball Fans’ Devotion
To show just how far fans will go to “Never Miss a Game,” Kellogg recently surveyed more than 1,000 baseball fans across America*. Results show that the passion for America’s Pastime runs deep, shapes priorities and even leads to some interesting behaviors.

Love of the Game

  • On average, Hispanic baseball fans attend 7 games per season, versus the average fan attends 6 games.
  • The survey found that 84% of Hispanic fans get to at least one game, versus 75% of all fans.
  • Nearly half of Hispanic baseballs fans are likely to know more about their favorite team’s schedule than their own personal commitments for the next two months.
  • Close to three in four Hispanic baseball fans would reschedule plans in order to see their favorite team play.
  • If they had to miss a game, 59% of Hispanic fans plan to watch the recorded game on their DVR immediately after they fulfill their other commitment.
  • Nearly four in ten Hispanics would consider watching the game, on their phone or on such devices, while at an important event they had to attend.

It turns out that Hispanic fans have gone to great lengths to never miss a game this season! The survey reveals that Hispanic baseball fans are among the most dedicated.

What have you done to never miss a game?

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* The Kellogg’s Never Miss a Game Survey was conducted by Kelton Global between April 22nd and May 1st, 2014 among 1004 American baseball fans ages 18 and over (margin of error +/- 3.1%)