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Beauty tips for the allergy season


Carmen Ordoñez, fashion and beauty expert from Miami, joined Zyrtec to help women look their best even when they are suffering from allergy face. Check out some of her beauty tips on how to deal with allergies:

EXTRA: What are some allergy tips that you can share with our readers?
Carmen Ordoñez: We have a series that we put on YouTube that is amazing. We share tips where women can look great and combat allergies. One of my favorite tips is when you wake up with a puffy face, get a towel, dip it in water and then put it on your face for 10 minutes. It will help with the swelling and redness. When applying makeup, use liquid foundation that has a shimmery or bright finish as opposed to matte finish because the matte will highlight the dryness. Also, to distract from allergy face, use the peach tone lipsticks. You can do different types of peachy tones. Here is another great tip for puffy face — drink a lot of water, eight to 10 glasses. For women who do not like water, watermelon juice is really good. It helps with puffy face and also for watery eyes. For Latinas, use mascara in a dark blue instead of black because dark blue will make the white come out. It’s all about the illusion. Apply several coats — two or three to get the effect. Another great tip are the metal spoons — put them in the fridge for five minutes and then you put them on the eye lids to make the swelling go away. It already has the shape of the eye and works perfectly.

Drink watermelon juice and also eat a lot of fruits like zucchini with high content of water and blueberries. Instead of using cotton pillow case, use silk. You want to retain the moisture. Cotton absorbs all the oil. Clean your toothbrush. I like to use shampoo or hand soap or face soap. Throw away mascara after two months, liquid foundation after a year and lipstick after three months.

How do we treat dark circles?
I like to use a primer that has a green tent. Using a green tent will help offset the redness and dark circles. To distract from allergy face, you can use a silvery eye shadow and put it on the inner corner of eyes to make the eyes stand out. I learned that tip from my mom. You can use an eye lash curler before applying mascara. It makes your eyes look wide and fresh. Another tip is to put an eye shadow with a nude white right underneath and that will highlight the cheek bones.

BB creams are really good. It is a multi-purpose product — a foundation, a primer and a concealer all in one. It helps with dark circles and with wrinkles. I also like potato slices because they hold the coldness longer.

What is your advice to our Latina readers?
Embrace your natural beauty. Sometimes you do not want to cover it up. It’s about keeping it simple. Use a bronzer to distract from the allergy face. You want a nice, pretty glow. Less is always more.

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