Diana Reyes stopped in Cicero for a good cause

Diana Reyes stopped in Cicero for a good cause

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On Feb. 26, the queen of pasito duranguense, Diana Reyes, came to Cicero to celebrate and promote National Pancake Day, March 4, at the IHOP located at 3003 S. Western Ave., in an effort to help raise $3 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals to improve and save the lives of children throughout the U.S. Reyes is the image and spokesperson of the organization and is really happy they chose her.

EXTRA: Do these fundraising events interest you? Why?

Diana Reyes: Yes, of course. I think that as a person, they leave [you] with good memories. They leave you with experiences. Last week, I had the chance to visit Lurie Children’s Hospital and see the way the children progress. Up to this day, to see this progress is incredible. I think this motivates you to donate and show support.

We know that you are working on a new album. When do you expect your album to be released?

We have been having a strong promotion in Mexico. We are starting to record the first week of March and we have planned to come out possibly in July. The new album is going to be very special and contain some surprise duets.

How is this album different from the others?

This is the second album I will be collaborating with Banda Sinaloense. With everyone from my career and the duranguense generation, it will be the second one with a band. This album is going to have songs of catalogs, cover songs, songs that are special. I am also working with a very important Mexican producer, and to tell you the truth, I know he is going to do a good job.

After the album, are you planning a tour?

We are planning a tour in the republic of Mexico. Right now, we want to let the U.S. rest for a bit, where we are working very frequently. [I am] going to the republic of Mexico. I am going to work over there and also demonstrate the next album.

What are your plans for the future?

To continue working on this project, the album, and visiting all of the republic of Mexico and also to continue working on this project with the organization, Children Miracle Network Hospitals. We are going to be traveling the U.S., inviting the public to help this organization.

What message will you give to the Hispanic public in general?

I think right now the people obviously have the hope for an immigration reform. My advice for the public is to not lose hope, do not lose faith, and keep on working. I think that when you are united, you gain strength to move forward.



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