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Facebook’s COO talks about “Lean In”


On  March   28,   Facebook  Chief  Operating  Officer  Sheryl  Sandberg had  a  discussion  dialogue  about her  new  book:  “Lean In:  Women,   Work  and   the Will to Lead.” The  dialogue was  led  by  Chicago  Tribune Vice President and  Associate Editor Joycelyn Winnecke.  Sandberg talked about how women  need to take more powerful roles  in the workforce and  that currently this is not the case. “Women’s voices  are  not equally heard,” said Sandberg.

She  also  talked about her  personal moments of triumph and doubts that inspired her book and its call to action for working women.
The event was  part of the Chicago  Tribune Press Pass series and was sponsored by Nielsen, a 90-year-old global information and measurement company, founded in Chicago.

“One of the things that Sheryl talked about is to raise the conversation and  now what you want to do is see  a change in some things, and understand the differences. If you  understand differences, like she talked about the “bossy” word,  it changes your  perception of people. Maybe bossy isn’t a bad thing – it means you are   independent,  driven,   and   want to  get something done,”   said  Susan Whiting, vice chair  of Nielsen,  and  one  of the speakers at the event.

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