Construction closes Milwaukee Avenue Saturday

Bloomingdale Trail construction closes Milwaukee Avenue Saturday

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The installation of the arches at the Milwaukee Avenue bridge is set for Saturday, weather-permitting.
Because of this construction Milwaukee Avenue will be closed near the bridge at Leavitt Street beginning at 5 a.m. on Saturday morning.

Detours for vehicles, bikes, and pedestrians will be provided. This is expected to be a one-day activity, with the street reopening after the installation is complete.

At press time crews are expected to demolish a building in the Walsh Park addition (north of the trail) to prepare for upgrades. Crews were be hand forming the concrete path between Winnebago and Milwaukee Avenues and cutting was taking place on Friday.

Foundation work continues at the Milwaukee Avenue ramp, with crews paving the approach ramps at Spaulding Avenue and Wood Street. The third phase of irrigation system components installation is happening on the western end of the trail. Water taps for drinking fountains are being installed at various points along the trail.

Installation of the guardrail for the trail top has begun at Artesian and is moving west. Foundations for trail top guardrails are being poured and installed from Kedzie to Lawndale. Permanent traffic signage (stop signs, etc.) are being installed from Albany to the east end of the project.

Coming up:
Crews have completed the bulk of the path concrete on the Bloomingdale Trail, with some paving work remaining on bridges and other areas inaccessible to the paving machine. Neighbors may experience limited overnight cutting work for expansion and control joints at areas undergoing work.

Crews will continue installing planting soil along parts of the trail, as weather allows. The rest of soil placement will occur in the spring. Parts of Bloomingdale Avenue may be blocked at times by trucks delivering soil to the trail top via conveyor belt.

The Milwaukee Ave. bridge has been elevated to provide clearance for the upcoming bridge modifications and new end sections have been installed for arch attachment.

Crews have finished tensioning and grouting work on the Walsh Park bridge and 90 trees have been planted this fall in areas that have completed paving work and soil installation. Planting activity will continue in the spring.

Structural steel has been installed on the Spaulding Avenue and Wood Street ramps. The bridge deck at Walsh Park has been installed and geofoam has been installed at Milwaukee, Humboldt and Monticello.

Bridge deck waterproofing to protect viaducts against water seepage has been completed along the length of the trail.
Light pole foundations have been completed along the trail top.

Cleaning of the walls and viaducts along the Bloomingdale Trail, as well as installation of temporary handrails, is complete.

Concrete foundations for the access ramps are complete at Spaulding, Rockwell, California, Humboldt Blvd, and Wood. Crews have also completed the steel substructure and grating for the access ramps at Spaulding, Rockwell, California, Humboldt Blvd, and the west-facing ramp at Western.

Brush, trees and plants that are invasive or would not survive the construction process have removed along the length of the trail. For more information about tree removal on the Bloomingdale Trail, please click here.

Construction fencing is complete along the length of the trail and in the access parks, including securing former access points at Milwaukee and Leavitt. (If you see damage or destruction to construction fencing, please call (773) 661-9172. If you see trespassers in construction areas, please call police.)

Please call 311 with any graffiti reports. Travel lanes along Bloomingdale Avenue will be preserved as much as possible, while providing access for construction crews.

Neighbors should watch for signage indicating local street closures and restrictions as construction progresses.

The Dog Friendly Area (DFA) at Churchill Park will occasionally be restricted during work periods; Walsh Park’s DFA will be closed until completion. The Wicker Park DFA is within walking distance of both DFAs.

The eastern end of Julia de Burgos Park will be closed for most of the construction period, with the Whipple entrance to the park closed. The Albany entrance will remain open, and the playground will remain available for children and families.
The cul-de-sac at Ridgeway Ave. (3750W) and Bloomingdale Ave. will remain closed for the duration of the construction period.

Parking and Safety:
A parking ban is in effect along Bloomingdale Ave. for the entirety of the construction period. Illegally parked cars may be ticketed and towed; residents can call 311 to track the location of relocated vehicles.

Unauthorized individuals are NOT allowed on the Bloomingdale Trail for its entire length (Ashland Ave. to Ridgeway Ave.) and any restricted sections of ground-level parks during construction. Unauthorized individuals found in construction sites along The 606 will face arrest by Chicago Police and charged with criminal trespass, necessitating a court appearance. This is an active construction site – please do not trespass.

General Information:
The 606, including the Bloomingdale Trail and access parks, will be open to the public in June 2015. Please note: during construction, the upper level and portions of some parks will be closed to the public. Please observe all posted signage and check their website for the latest information.

Construction is weather-dependent, and neighbors can expect changes to the schedule throughout the coming year.

Neighbors will find the coming week’s construction schedule at The 606 website under News for Neighbors. Use the link at the website to join The 606 email list for construction and other updates. Call (773) 661-9172 with construction-related questions or concerns, and someone will return your call. To find a relocated car, please call 311.