Chris Kattan to perform stand-up comedy in Chicago

Chris Kattan to perform stand-up comedy in Chicago

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Chris-Kattan_webChris Kattan is best-known for his appearances on SNL and the 1998’s hit movie “A Night at the Roxbury,” which left its mark with the trademark head-bobbing. But Kattan has decided to take a different direction and give stand-up comedy a try. He will be performing at the IMPROV comedy club in Schaumburg on Nov. 1–3. Kattan talked to EXTRA about the upcoming show and his comedy.

EXTRA: So you will be here in Chicago on Nov. 1 through 3. What will we see in your performance?
Chris Kattan: It’s more of a one man show than a stand up. I could be very open as a performer. I don’t like to be set. That’s not who I am. I include the audience. I will throw a lot of French fries at people (laughs). Everyone will have a good time. There will be no disappointments unless you are expecting someone behind me that’s naked (laughs).

After so many years of sketch comedy, now you are doing standup comedy. How different is that for you and which one do you like best?

They are different. I like them both. They allow me to be open, free and to perform. I just like to have a good time and then the audience is having a good time. I don’t like to be bored. Your job is to be funny and have the opportunity to make a lot of people laugh. I will do a lot of vitamin B shots (laughs).

What is your secret to great comedy?

It’s to be honest with yourself and truthful to the environment and to except failure. You know what you shouldn’t do again and is your responsibility. When you do comedy, you can make people laugh. You have to be open to whatever happens and trust that. You can’t teach someone to be funny and if you have a gift then you are lucky.

What do you remember from your childhood that connected you to comedy?

Breast feeding (laughs). My first Jell-O pudding (laughs). Any moment is special. My dad was my hero. He passed away a couple of years ago. He made me laugh more than anybody. He was just a funny person in how he reacted to everyday problems and situations. It was always great to see that.

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