“Cece” makes it happen

“Cece” makes it happen

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CeceEven when there doesn’t seem to be a way, a successful person always finds a way to make it happen. They will organize resources and independently create an opportunity. A great example of such a person is Cindy E. Fernandez, also known as “Cece” in her Pittsburgh community. This fascinating young lady has enjoyed successes in various areas of her life. Cece holds a master’s degree in engineering and is the Western Pennsylvania chapter president of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.

Cece was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to Pittsburgh to become an engineer. She was a bit disheartened though when she found out that there were no existing Hispanic programs, neither on television nor on the radio. So she took on the task herself and created a Spanish radio program. Since 2010, “La Rumba” has been broadcast on 88.3 FM in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and for the entire world on WRCT.org. Just a little time after that, in 2010, she also created “La Rumba TV” through the local PBS station. Both the radio and TV programs are bilingual and serve the entire community by promoting cultural events and providing a forum for information and important topics of interest. In 2012, Cece was recognized as one of “Pittsburgh’s Fab 40,” an honor to people under 40 having reached important milestones.

Just as many other Latinos are doing, Cece accepted the invitation to live and work in Pittsburgh. In the process, she has brought along her rich Hispanic culture. Currently, the doors are open in Pittsburgh for anyone wishing to start a new life and career in this “hidden” city. Some local residents, originally from Michoacán, Mexico, shared that, “other than being a peaceful and safe city, it is also a beautiful place to live.” Local companies are currently looking for employees to fill thousands of new jobs. As an added bonus, the cost of living, including rental and home property values, are surprising low when compared to other major cities, such as Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

Community organizers, such as Cece are working together to help the Hispanic community grow in Pittsburgh by sharing information about education and new business start-up opportunities. Find out more here: VibrantPittsburgh.org/Latino.

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