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Blog: Is the Hispanic Democratic Organization back at it?


Is the Hispanic Democratic Organization back at it?? Seems like it.

According to a recent Chicago Sun-Times article, State Rep. Edward Acevedo and State Sen. Tony Munoz ran their private businesses out of the offices of a crooked government contractor called Azteca Supply Co.

An Azteca employee-turned-government-informant told the FBI that Acevedo and Munoz kept an office space at the location.  Desks and computers were kept at the contractors offices.

State Rep. Edward Acevedo and state Sen. Tony Munoz are also Chicago Police officers on leave from the Chicago Police Department while serving in the Illinois General Assembly. Both men were prominent members of the now-defunct (allegedly) Hispanic Democratic Organization (HDO)

Community leader Cuauhtémoc Morfin, ran against Edward Acevedo earlier this year for the 2nd district congressional seat. Morfin was not surprised when he heard that Acevedo and Munoz had office space in a building operated by a company that has former employee who are now cooperating with the FBI.  “That doesn’t surprise me. Using their political power and leverage to do whatever they want,” Morfin said. “People are not surprised. They know how they operate. There’s no accountability, no follow up. What else can I say…? It’s impossible to compete against their machine.”

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