Blog: A Palo Seco: Rebeca Tomás leaves the audience spellbound

Blog: A Palo Seco: Rebeca Tomás leaves the audience spellbound

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Yesterday was International Women’s Day so it seemed appropriate for the Flamenco Festival and Instituto Cervantes to host an event that showcased some of the talented women in the flamenco scene for this performance titled A Palo Seco: “Rasgos Flamencos.” A Palo Seco refers to a category of flamenco; a festive and improvisational style in which people sing and dance spontaneously. The event featured talented musicians and dancers including: Alí Bello (violin), David M. Castellano (voice), Pedro Cortés (guitar & Musical Director), Oscar Valero (percussion & voice), Sol “La Argentinita” (dance), Marina Elana Scannell (dance) and Rebeca Tomás (dance, choreography, artistic direction).

Usually, during performances like these, I like to take notes (not an easy thing to do in a darkened auditorium) and look at the crowd’s reaction. This time, I found myself transfixed on the performers, their movements and improvisational style. I realize now why the venue does not allow photography during the performances. Perhaps it is because the flash disrupts the artists. I think it is because these performances are not meant to be seen through camera lenses, they are meant to be experienced along with those on stage.

If you have still not been to an event, don’t fret, you still have time to attend. Tonight’s performance at Instituto Cervantes features musical director, composer and interpreter Caroline Planté and tickets for the highly anticipated Canteca de Macao (Monday, March 12. Double Door) are still available but quickly selling out. For more information on tickets and dates, visit or

Look for next week’s issue of Extra newspaper for a longer review of the event as well as interviews with some of the performers.

Sol "La Argentinita" (left) and Marina Elana Scannell.