Ald. Ray Suarez organizes a rally to end violence

Ald. Ray Suarez organizes a rally to end violence



El Concejal y Vicealcalde Ray Suarez habla a vecinos del Distrito 31 acerca del crimen y como reportarlo. Foto cortesia Ray Suarez Facebook

Crime occurs throughout the city and some residents may be too intimidated to report an issue. One section of the city that is trying to fix this problem is the 31st Ward. Alderman and Vice-Mayor Ray Suarez recently held an anti-violence rally in his ward to tell residents that they do not have to be afraid of reporting crimes.

The Rally to End Violence occurred on Sept. 15 at Falconer Elementary School, 3020 N. Lamon Ave. in Chicago. The event was designed to help show residents of the ward and surrounding neighborhoods that they shouldn’t be intimidated of criminals and reporting crimes. The ward has had a number of crimes occur over the past few weeks. According to the Chicago Police Department, between Sept. 3 and Sept. 16, there have been 63 incidents, ranging from motor vehicle theft to burglary.

The turnout for the event included Suarez, families from the area and Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Suarez said that the fact that so many people came out for the event shows that the city is not intimidated by criminals.

“We’re here because we want to send a strong message that we’re not going to tolerate gangs, not going to tolerate shootings and firing arms,” Suarez said. “We’re here together to form a commitment with everyone. We could be out here every day, the police, myself, the mayor, but unless we get involved, we’re never going to put a stop to it.”

Through Suarez’s office, residents can report crimes anonymously by simply sending a text message to the police department. Suarez said the hope is that this solidarity and the anonymous tip line will help decrease the amount of crimes in the area.

Emanuel echoed the vice-mayor’s statement that the city will not stand for any type of crime. He applauded the families that turned out and said a good upbringing can help prevent future crimes from occurring.

“To all the parents here, you, with the schools, with our police department, have a central role in showing that our kids are safe and that they know right from wrong,” Emanuel said. “The most important door a child walks through for their education, for their moral upbringing and their safety is the front door of the home.”

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