100th Buddha sculpture in Little Village

100th Buddha sculpture in Little Village

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Ten Thousand Ripples (TTR), a citywide Public Art and Peace Initiative, placed its 100th Buddha sculpture in Little Village on June 4. The sculpture was placed right in front of Amor de Dios, United Medothist Church.
“We have been installing in ten post communities across the Chicago area, going from South Chicago to Evanston. Thousands of people have been impacted by this project,” said artist Indira Johnson.
Johnson explained that the sculptures have been placed where an act of violence was committed and now the space has changed from negative to positive.

“The impact of Ten Thousand Ripples has been invaluable to South Chicago. We’ve experienced this ripple effect that has brought creativity and community engagement. Our youth have written and performed in plays about peace,” said Jackie Samuels, director of the new community program at Claretian Associates. Samuels described this as the first step towards community safety.
“Little Village, may you have as much ripple effects of peace as has been brought to South Chicago,” said Samuels.

“You have to follow the narrative of where these sculptures have been located to understand what it means to our neighborhood and the importance of it,” said Alderman Ricardo Muñoz. Muñoz mentioned some of the places where the sculptures are being displayed: La Catedral Café, Central States SER and his office.

“The TTR project has had a lasting impact in communities all over the city. Each community will keep five sculptures that they will be able to continue to utilize in their own community as they see fit,” said Mark Rodriguez, executive director of Changing Worlds.